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LED Christmas Lights Make for a Greener Holiday

By Christa

Forget about dreaming of a white Christmas, let’s all dream of a green Christmas. It’s easier to go green over the holidays than you might think. For food, use the same tricks you used when greening Thanksgiving. When it comes time to give gifts, choose eco-friendly Christmas presents or consider making homemade holiday gifts. And when it’s time to decorate a tree or hang up lights outside, opt for LED Christmas lights over the regular kind.

LED Christmas lights last 10 times longer than their traditional counterparts and consume 75% less energy to boot. They don’t get hot, at all – we’ve had a string on in our basement for something like two years straight now – and you can connect multiple strings of LED Christmas lights together without overheating them. They come in all of the same varieties as traditional Christmas lights, like color-changing, icicle style, and the net kind for tossing over bushes. And LED Christmas lights even come in solar powered varieties!

The biggest complaint I hear from people is that LED Christmas lights are expensive – er, more expensive than traditional Christmas lights, anyway. Which isn’t actually that much more expensive than your everyday Christmas lights used to be once upon a time. Sure, the dollar store has strings of Christmas lights for a buck, but I don’t exactly trust their commitment to my safety. Trust me when I tell you that LED Christmas lights are safer and greener, and aren’t going to break the bank:

Have you tried LED Christmas lights? What did you think?

5 Responses to “LED Christmas Lights Make for a Greener Holiday”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    Well, LED lights *do* contribute to light pollution. They are super super bright and the modest LED display in our yard is probably visible from the International Space Station.

  2. Christa Says:

    @Phyllis No one would notice on my block, I’m sure, what with the horridly bright street lamps and all of the hair trigger security lights that flash on whenever air molecules pass by.

  3. luis Says:

    hey what are those led light balls in the picture called?

  4. Christa Says:

    @Luis You know, I’m annoyed with myself at having to say that I have no idea. I tried searching for a concrete term, but best I could do was light balls. Looks like they’d be pretty easy to DIY, though!

  5. Baukostenrechner Says:

    merry christmas my friend

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