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4 Sweet Eco-Friendly Wallpapers

By Christa

Posting about green painting options on Friday got me to thinking about other eco-friendly wall coverings – in this case, green wallpaper. Over their lifetime, conventional wallpapers can offgas all kinds of unhealthy stuff like dioxins. When it’s time to redecorate, old wallpapers with PVC have to be burned or buried, and both options are less than environmentally conscious. So if you’re planning on papering, choose wallpaper that will be good for you and good for the planet, like these…

Fun Fair Deluxe is hand printed with non-toxic water-based inks on sustainably sourced paper and materials, yet still wipe-able, color fast, and fire retardant. And it’s absolutely vibrant and stunning, too!

This gorgeous wallpaper from Graham & Brown is made from FSC-certified managed timber sources and water-based inks with no VOCs or solvents. Even the packaging is eco-friendly… itā€™s made of a fully compostable, corn-based material. The pattern, Aspen, is a pretty and fun way to bring the outdoors in.

And then we have this amazing hand-drawn and hand-printed with water-based inks from Madison and Grow. The recyclable, chlorine-free paper is harvested only from sustainable forests. Plus, 100% of the mill’s short paper fiber is reclaimed and used in the agricultural industry for nutrient rich compost or animal bedding. Neat, huh?

Mod Green Pro makes earth-friendly, vinyl- and PVC-free wallpapers that are also beautiful. The company uses water-based inks on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and finishes the product with a water-based glaze that can tolerate light wiping.

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  1. Krizy Says:

    What I’d like to know is whether something like this or an eco-friendly paint is the better choice overall. I like wallpaper and I like paint, too. But I’d prefer to choose the option that was the greenest and would last the longest since everything has an impact.

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