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10 Green Gifts For Everyone On Your List

By Christa

This year, on Black Friday 2010, I hope that you’re thinking about your holiday gifts in terms of not only great deals, but also eco-friendliness. It’s no longer difficult to find great green gifts – long gone are the holidays where your only choices were soy candle or rough raw organic wool sweater and the vegetarians at the table were limited to the mashed potatoes. Below you’ll find some of my favorite green gift ideas, and I’ll be posting a few more gift guides as we get closer and closer to the holidays. Enjoy shopping, and feel free to add your green gift suggestions in the comments!

1. For the green glam girl:

bamboo makeup brushesorganic perfumecandy wrapper clutch

Staying beautiful and going green aren’t mutually exclusive goals, and beauty accessories make the best grownup stocking stuffers. I wouldn’t mind waking up to some bamboo makeup brushes (at 15% off squee!), a bottle of organic wheat almond perfume, and a cute recycled candy wrapper clutch to store everything I need for a glam night out.

2. For the fitness buff:

flowered stainless steel water bottlestainless steel water bottlegreen water bottle

Stainless steel water bottles aren’t just trendy and way better than plastic bottles, they’re also easy to clean, won’t retain scents, don’t leach yucky stuff into your water, and last just about forever. You can satisfy anyone obsessed with hydration with the gift of a stainless steel water bottles from CamelBak, Lifeline, and Gaiam.

3. For the bag fiend:

I am a total bag collector, but I try to keep my obsession green by buying designer vintage. For those for whom new is the only option, I recommend these super cute hemp and recycled polyester handbags from Reveal – fashionable and good for the planet? Sweet!

4. For the tiny tot:

Under the Nile fruit Flat CatUnder the Nile vegetables

If you’re in the market for organic cotton soft toys appropriate for very young babies and toddlers, you can’t beat Under the Nile. Our household has gotten a lot of play out of the Fruit Tote, Flat Cat (my daughter’s best friend in the whole world), and Veggie Crate, which is on sale for 26% off.

5. For the home:

recycled orange wall clockowl framefleece blanket

Now these, I love… an adorable clock made of reclaimed and recycled detergent bottles, a eco spun felt photo frame, and a 100% recycled plastic polar fleece throw for those chilly January evenings. Recycling – especially plastic – keeps those landfills little.

6. For the coffee or tea lover:

reusable coffee cupreusable iced coffee cupreusable tea cup

Mmm, hot beverages. But if you get them on the road, you’re talking about a lot of waste. So for the coffee, tea, or hot chocolate lover in your life, how about wrapping up a thermal coffee cup with the look of a travel cup, an iced beverage cop for the summer months, or a reusable cup just for tea lovers?

7. For the gadget fiend:

electricity monitor

Everyone knows someone who loves gadgets, so let’s think green. My favorite green gifts for the gadget lover have to be the trendy electricity usage monitor that shows you were waste is happening, a solar bag charger that can charge your phone or serve as a battery, and a wee USB battery charger so no more trying to figure out where to recycle batteries.

8. For the kid in your life:

stainless steel lunch boxrecycled pencilsrecycled pencil case

Students need a lot of gear, so going green can make a big impact. For the student gift recipient, pick up a stainless steel bento box for lunches from home, arecycled pencils (who knew?), and recycled plastic pencil case for all those pens.

9. For the gardener:

There’s nothing like some nice fresh compost when you’re a gardener, so help your green thumb friends out this holiday season with the gift of a roto composter that is child safe and pet safe, and easy turn. Getting 25% off the regular price sweetens the deal!

10. For the pet and pet lover:

eco friendly dog toysorganic dog treatseco cat toy

Fido and Fluffy want to go green, too, and they love a good gift as much as the rest of us. Here are some faves recommended by my pet-loving peeps: a plush organic hemp toy for a pooch, all natural, organic, grain-free doggie jerky, and step and scratch cat stairs that are recyclable when kitty gets bored with them.

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